TruTV Reups “Billy on The Street” for Season 5, Expands Season 1 of “Adam Ruins Everything”, and Orders “No Dumb Questions” Pilot

TruTV is smartly putting their money on some of the strongest shows in their programming line-up.

Though moving around a few places over the years, Billy on the Street proved that it’ll hold up at TruTV and is getting a fifth season with ten episodes of Billy Eichner screaming pop culture trivia and running in the streets. 

Even more impressive is freshman series Adam Ruins Everything with Adam Conover getting 14 more episodes on the back end of their first season. 

In addition to all of that, Emily Axford, who is frequently featured on Adam Ruins Everything, is going to host a pilot currently called No Dumb Questions that will see if people know the answers to questions that most would consider obvious, possibly even dumb.