Bassem Youssef Will Be “Learning” About American Democracy in New Fusion Series “Democracy Handbook”

While Jon Stewart is just appearing on shows here and there for now, the “Jon Stewart of Egypt” is getting his own show.

Announced during the live edition of No, You Shut Up! with Paul F. Tompkins at Riot LA, Dr. Bassem Youssef who hosted Egypt’s satirical news show Al-Bernameg (often compared to The Daily Show with Jon Stewart) is being brought over stateside for his very own show by Fusion

The idea for Democracy Handbook is that the attempts for democracy in The Middle East have not really gone that well and Youssef is coming to America to learn how to do democracy “right” since our version of democracy is running “just fine” with “no hiccups whatsoever”.

So, we’re on board for this and are standing by for a premiere date.