A Note on a Lot of Things Ending in LA Comedy

Comedy Bang Bang has ended their live weekly run at UCB Theatre in LA. 

The Bang Theater on Fairfax has closed.

The Hollywood Improv Lab has closed.

The stage at Red Rock on the Sunset Strip is closing.

The Little Modern Theater is closing later this month.

Times like these where there are empty spaces in such a crowded place like LA comedy are fascinating. Plenty of things are coming to an end just as, undoubtedly, shows and venues will start up. This by no means is signifying the end of an era as the comedy scene in Los Angeles is as vibrant as ever with a virtual comedy festival every night.

We don’t have any details or ideas as to what will specifically happen, but comedians want to perform and now have the opportunity to start something without having to promote against something more established. These are the times when people in comedy, who years from now will be having specials whether they’ll be on TV, the Internet, or theaters, are starting something or expanding something they’ve already started into bigger and greater things. 

Already, Holy Fuck celebrated three years of running, Meltdown with Jonah and Kumail has celebrated two years since going weekly, and they all have much bigger things in store according to our sources.

In short, as we have always maintained here at The Comedy Bureau, go out and see comedy live because you’ll see something hilarious and probably, in the long run, historic.