Angela Kinsey Developing and Possibly Starring in Telemarketing Comedy for TBS

(via Deadline)

Yep, Angela Kinsey might be headed back to an office.

Whether doing accounting at a paper company or working at a 1-800 call center is more dreadful than the other is up for debate, but Angela Kinsey, who broke out in her role as Angela on the U.S. version of The Office, being in a workplace comedy is always a good thing.

Taking from her own experience working at a call center, Kinsey is writing this comedy, aptly named 1-800, for TBS, which is going under a whole makeover right now. 

She might star in it, though we can’t imagine that if she does that she’d be nearly anything like Dunder Mifflin’s Angela. 

We can only hope that will get to see in order to find out.