Andy Kindler Is Still One of The Most Fun, Loose Comedians in Late Night

Most performances by stand-up comedians on late night programs are rehearsed word-for-word and vetted in a similar fashion by the show and the network. The result is a highly polished display of jokes, one right after the other, timed out, usually, to be exactly 5 minutes.  When you go see those comedians live, it’s usually a little more visceral, livelier, intimate, and personal.

Andy Kindler manages to do a tight set and still pull off being completely himself on late night. Andy is one of the few comedians that takes the national spotlight of a late night talk show to not only do his jokes, but give his signature commentary in between those jokes, which doesn’t seem rehearsed or vetted, but, instead freewheeling and so much fun.

His set from Letterman last night is another perfect example amidst a big pile of perfect examples of this. Note that he also ends right at 5:00.