Amy Schumer Has Sold Her Book for $8-$10 Million

(via EW)

At this point, what isn’t Amy Schumer working on?

Yep, Amy Schumer has a book coming out. 

Already this year, she’s had a hit summer R-rated comedy, hosted an awards show, won a plethora of awards herself along with accompanying critical acclaim, opened for Madonna on tour, has an HBO special coming out later this year, and is working on a screenplay with Jennifer Lawrence

For many folks in entertainment, that would be years worth of very accomplished work, but Schumer isn’t stopping with just all of that. She has just sold a book for a paycheck to the tune of $8-$10 million. The details of the book are scarce at this point, but it would hard to imagine it be a sort of book that wouldn’t keep her 2015 win streak going.