“97.9 The Rat Race” Is Great, Dark Send-Up of Morning Zoo Crew Radio


The “morning zoo crew style of talk radio” has been well etched into the minds of many a generation. The over-the-top sound effects, inclusion and simultaneous domination of female voices, and the obnoxious wackiness are all too familiar as a radio programming format. 

Ben Roy (Those Who Can’t, The Grawlix) has thus done a dark, satirical, and spot-on send up of such a program with his great, new podcast 97.9 The Rat Race.  It has all the trappings of “classic” morning talk radio, but just twists the knife with how ridiculous it really is. Roy is joined by Chris Marrs and Beth Hoyt for short and oh so wryly sweet episodes that follow what happens when the sound effects can’t cover up what’s really going on in the lives of morning radio.

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