The 4th Annual Wayne Federman International Film Festival Might Be The Best One Yet

How does Klown presented by Sacha Baron Cohen or Ghostbusters presented by Paul Scheer sound? Something that’s both great and you would’ve never imagined happening you say?

Well, luckily, The 4th Annual Wayne Federman International Film Festival, the festival that brings comedians and their favorite films together at Cinefamily, has both of the aforementioned events as well as MacGruber star Will Forte presenting a screening of none other than MacGruber.

Every year Federman gets together a great handful of these screenings, but this year’s line-up seems primed to be especially great.

The 4th WFIFF runs from Thurs. Mar. 5th-Sun. Mar. 7th at Cinefamily and you can and should get tickets now.