Very First ‘208 Comedy Fest’ Looks to Bring Boise, ID Great Weekend of Comedy


This weekend, specifically Thursday, September 7th-Saturday, September 9th, the very first 208 Comedy Fest will take over Boise, Idaho.

Slated to take the stage are some of our favorites to watch here in LA and around the country. The full line-up is as follows:

Dana Gould
Janelle James
David Gborie
Dan Soder
Marcella Arguello
Joel Kim Booster
Tom Thakkar
Emily Galati
Daniel Van Kirk
Mike Stanley
Geoff Tate
Emma Arnold
Will Miles
Colt Cabana
Marty DeRosa
Mat Alano-Martin
Janae Burris
Gabe Bravo
Danielle Perez
Mike Carrozza
Sophie Hughes
Kwasi Mensah
Monica Nevi
Marty Archibald
Alisha Donahue
Danny Felts
Jen Adams
Steve Vanderploeg
Holly Lynnea
Natashia Mower
Matt Monroe
Jynx Jenkins
Eric Lyons
Valerie Tosi
Mikey Pullman
Heather Marulli
Chad Heft
Olivia Cathcart
Sumukh Torgalkar
Sofiya Alexandra
Dustin Chalifoux
Natalie Holt
Brett Badostain
Becky Braunstein
Joe Carl Abousakher
Jason Ward
Leil Cardoza
Patrick Lynch
Doug Loves Movies

If you’re anywhere in or around Boise this weekend, you should really go to this. Get your tickets and passes here.