Pick of the Day: Young Storytellers: The Story Clubhouse

Young Storytellers is a lovely, lovely organization that mentors children into creative writing and kicks it up notch by having their stories read and voiced by some of the best, most accomplished, funniest adults around.

Even in this time of COVID-19, they’re doing spirited, very fun live reads of stories written by their students. This Thursday will feature Feline Invasion by Cairo Raines (mentored by Michael Keller) along with the voices (and Zoom windows) of John Cho, Jason Mantzoukas, and more.

It’s not the normal live stage show that get to dazzle crowds with, but over the weeks that they’ve gone live-streaming and it still has the same charm, but with an arguably more intimate setting with all the talent performing from the comfort of their own homes.

You can watch the latest Young Storytellers: The Story Clubhouse this Thurs. 4/23 at 5PM PT (they have a show every Thurs. right now) on Zoom. Check their Instagram @youngstorytellers for the specific link and updates.

If you’d like to support Young Storytellers, you can donate here.