Yondr Might Have Phone Free Live Comedy Figured Out

(via The Hollywood Reporter)

Hannibal Buress has used it successfully and Dave Chappelle is getting set to put Yondr to use in his next show.

All Yondr utilizes is a pouch that locks your phone away while you’re in the showroom of whatever venue you’re at, then unlocks if you step out to the lobby to make a call, send a text message, etc. It seems like a beautifully simple solution to a constant problem that has plagued not only live comedy, but live music, movie screenings, etc. We’ll have to see how it plays out in the next few big time shows, but we won’t be surprised if these pouches keep showing up at more live show venues. 

We wonder if that’s going to cause certain folks to carry a decoy phone or figure some way to sneak something else the records video or takes pictures into a show. Even if they do, it’ll be pretty obvious who is doing so at a show if no one else is taking pictures or recording anything. 

Hopefully, this sort of technology won’t find its way into political events, rallies, dinners, speeches, etc.