Get First Look at Amazon Comedy ‘Eulogy’ Special “Yearly Departed”

Though eulogies don’t really cross into the territory of comedy specials, this year hasn’t been a time for anything normal. Actually, 2020 is the focus of said special entitled, “Yearly Departed” and is a good-riddance send-off to the year that has and continues and will traumatize all of us living through it.

For 2020 getting kicked to the curb, this special has a marvelous and feisty line-up of comedy folks including Rachel Brosnahan, Tiffany Haddish, Patti Harrison, Natasha Legerro, Sarah Silverman, Natasha Rothwell, Ziwe, and Phoebe Robinson hosting for the evening.

It’s a roast of 2020 at 2020’s funeral and it sure looks like the socially distanced party had a hell of a time letting 2020 know what they thought of it (even though we’ll have to likely deal with so much of 2020 for a good chunk, if not most of, 2021).

Get your first look at YEARLY DEPARTED with its trailer here, then look for it to stream on Amazon Prime on the Eve of New Year’s Eve, Dec. 30th.