Yahoo’s Marissa Mayer Planning to Have Tumblr Be Answer to YouTube

(via Business Insider)

Last year, Yahoo bought Tumblr, but was Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer was adamant that she Tumblr operate independently.

Well, this year with the focus of all online entities shifting to producing original video content more than ever, Yahoo might just be shifting course with Tumblr. Basically, Tumblr might just have its video platform shaped into something that could be on the level of YouTube. This includes bringing in talent from the likes of YouTube and elsewhere to generate content.

Tumblr making a bid for video will be interesting in see how much they’ll improve their video player and what type of videos they’ll end up producing (hopefully, for our interests, plenty of comedy). It’s also interesting to note that parallels of the old Hollywood studio system and having talent signed an individual studio and the way that online streaming services assembling their shows and stars exclusive to them.