Woody Harrelson Will Be Doing a Feature Length Live Film About His London Arrest and Broadcast It Into Theaters


Almost 15 years ago, Woody Harrelson had an incident in a taxi in London that ended up getting him arrested.

Now, based on that very incident, Harrelson wants to make some cinema history. 

Woody Harrelson wrote a feature length film about the incident, which is called Lost in London. Apparently, he will be performing the film live with Owen Wilson and Willie Nelson. As technology is in a much different place than it was in 2002, this live performance can be captured as a film ostensibly done in “one take” and broadcast into theaters as it is happening.

You didn’t read that wrong. 

Woody Harrelson will essentially be doing a one-take film live and live streaming it into a movie theater near you. 

Live streaming performances into theaters has existed for years now, but only for events such as Opera at the Met or Rifftrax. Something as ambitious as Lost in London could be breaking new ground for cinema, broadcast, comedy, live performance, performance art, etc.

Woody explains the details in this trailer and claims that it might great or a disaster, but definitely worth watching. We concur with this assessment. 

Lost in London LIVE is set to happen next week on Thursday, January 19th, 2017. You can get your tickets via Fathom Events here.