Will Ferrell Apparently Had Nothing Perched on His Shoulder During His Interview on Conan

If Will Ferrell says he doesn’t know what you’re talking about when you ask about the bird on his shoulder, there is most certainly a bit at hand.

There was a time where Ferrell used to pull bananas from the guest couch that he would eat and try not to address at late night talk shows and now Will has upgraded to birds that may or may not be named “Professor Feathers” on his shoulder, “allegedly”.

Watch Will avoid talking about what’s on his should here, then talk about a cowbell album and again try to avoid talking about the bird.

Here’s Will again explaining why he’s foregoing on the Zoolander sequel that has to do with a certain “friend of his”.

Once more, Will doesn’t talk about the bird, but instead addresses John Madden’s criticism of Ferrell’s spring training charity stunt.

This is just more proof that Ferrell is one of the best late night guests in the late night game