Wanna win some FREE eats and drinks at the Hollywood Studio Bar & Grill while you watch super awesome comedians make you laugh on Mon April 18th? Yes you say!

In the spirit of giving back we here at Tiger Lily want to thank everybody who has supported us these past 4+ years. Here is how you can win a FREE appetizer and FREE drinks!

1) If you are not already following us on Twitter do so now http://twitter.com/WhatsUpTLily

2) To win a FREE Appetizer & Drink, be the first to tweet us the answer to this question :
In the past 4 plus years TigerLily has been at 3 different locations, What are/were the names of these 3 restaurants?

3) To win a FREE drink be the first to tweet us the answer to this question :
This week’s comedians Jimmy Dore and Nikki Glaser were both featured in a movie doc that came out in 2010, what is the name of it?

4) Come down to What’s Up Tiger Lily? Monday April 18th 8pm
@ Hollywood Studio Bar & Grill 6122 Sunset Blvd
to claim your prize! (winners will be notified via twitter)

5) LAUGH, LAUGH it up at the show while seeing these funny comedians JIMMY DORE, TJ MILLER, KUMAIL NANJIANI, NIKKI GLASER, CHELSEA PERETTI, JONAH RAY, RON LYNCH + more!