What If Kristen Wiig Won The Lottery and Created Her Own Talk Show? Watch Trailer for “Welcome To Me”

After a series of dramadies and more grounded roles with Kristen Wiig, Wiig seems like she will get to be more of the wonderful weirdo that we all came to know and love on SNL in her latest film Welcome To Me from director Shira Piven and writer Eliot Laurence

Wiig plays a woman who is more than a little offbeat, but then suddenly wins the lottery and creates her own talk show. The result, from this trailer anyway, seems to be Wiig getting to run with however absurd she wants to get.

After watching this, we hope that in some universe if not this one that Wiig would be the host kind of like she is here for a real talk show. 

*Trailer has been taken down for the time being.