Pick of the Day: Vanity Fair Cocktail Hour 4/13-4/15

Vanity Fair is trying, with as much as they can muster, to put as much glitz on a virtual fundraiser festival in support of the Motion Picture & Television Fund, and, for what they’ve got lined-up, it’s pretty damn nice.

Billed as The Vanity Fair Cocktail Hour, it will be three days worth of “inspiring conversations, innovative gatherings, and irresistible beverages, all experienced in the comfort of your home.” Yes, there’s a tier of tickets that you can buy a “Grey Goose Essences Cocktail Kit”.

Those conversations will be between the likes of Sacha Baron Cohen, Ziwe, Kathryn Hahn, Cecily Strong, Judith Light, Phoebe Robinson, Laura Dern, Maya Rudolph, Amanda Seyfried, and so many more stars, intriguing voices, etc. along with host Radhika Jones. Of the conversations that you’re privy to these days, you really might not want to miss these. You can get a full schedule/details here.

This Vanity Fair Cocktail Hour is set to go live throughout Apr. 13th-15th and tickets range from $19-$49 (depending if you want an all access pass or not). Go snag them here.