Twitter’s Audio Card and Tumblr’s New Video Player Offering More Ways to Consume Your Comedy Online

The last few weeks have seen a few new social media innovations that might make being plugged into watching your favorite sketch group or listening to your favorite podcast while scrolling through your timeline.

Twitter has just introduced an “Audio Card” that will allow you to listen to embedded audio, just via SoundCloud for now, while combing through your favorite tweets or possibly tweeting yourself (perhaps, live tweeting a podcast if you have way too much free time on your hands, perhaps?). 

Weeks ago, Yahoo’s Marissa Mayer announced that the Tumblr video player would get an overhaul. Their first version of the new Tumblr video player has arrived and it does indeed work better than previous versions and allows for easy embedding of Instagram and Vine videos. You can also loop the video player, again, if you have way too much free time on your hands. The video player will also pop out to the side of your Dashboard, though we’re guessing you’re not going to do that while watching various comedy videos. 

Well, let’s see how much more you’re glued to your smartphone because of these innovations and that’ll be a good gauge of how well these two upgrades to Twitter and Tumblr are.