Watch Trailer for “Trollville” Starring Henry Zebrowski as an Internet Troll

Sure we all know and loathe Internet trolls, but the anonymity of the Internet keeps their actual day-to-day lives largely a mystery (though it’s hard to imagine that it’s anything all that desirable).

So, Henry Zebrowski (Last Podcast on the Left, Your Pretty Face Is Going to Hell) along with Natalie Jean and Seena Ghaznavi had created a 5 ep. web mini-series called Trollville that imagines the sort of life that someone who spends much of their day obsessing over ruining everyone else’s day online. 

From the looks of the trailer, Zebrowski seems to play an Internet troll perfectly.

If you’re digging it, you can buy/rent eps. of Trollville on Vimeo on Demand right now.