Trevor Noah to Be First Comedian to Host White House Correspondents Dinner Since 2018

(via Politco)

It seems like eons ago when there was a civil enough discourse that would allow for the President of the United States to be roasted on C-SPAN by one of the country’s most renowned comedians. Because Donald J. Trump is a narcissistic twerp, perhaps one of the biggest of all time, he chose to be absent from the White House Correspondents Dinner and consequently made it more acrimonious when Hasan Minhaj and Michelle Wolf took on hosting duties. Many experts actually point to Seth Meyers taking Trump to task at the White House Correspondents Dinner in 2011 as the fiery spark that made him run for POTUS to expedite the disillusionment of the American Empire.

That’s all to say we haven’t had a White House Correspondents Dinner like Colbert did of George W. Bush in a very long time. After Trump and COVID making the WHCD into a footnote over the last few years, the White House Correspondents Association is set on having it return to form on this side of the pandemic come Apr. 30th. Trevor Noah, the current host of The Daily Show, is set to host, and, hopefully, he’ll get to satirize President Biden and Vice President Harris to their face and tell off mainstream media on one of the least watched cable channels live on air.

That will make it six years since we even had a WHCD to watch and that ought to make it a certain type of special. With all that in mind, we really hope that Noah and his writing staff spares no punches.