Todd Glass Did Shoot a Pilot for “The Todd Glass Show” This Weekend and, As We Guessed, Todd Did Whatever He Wanted To Do

A source revealed to us some details about the mysterious pilot for The Todd Glass Show.

Here are some key points revealed to us by our source:

-This pilot is an extension of the podcast in that it’s a playground for Todd to do any bit that he wants.
James Adomian was the show’s guest
Eddie Pepitone resided in a VW Van parked on the set
David Spade dropped by to tell everyone that he was “not available to do the show”
-The audience sat in lawn chairs
-There is a house band that does bits with Todd
-The show had a house dog
-The pilot hasn’t been picked up yet, but will be shopped around

So, basically, if you’ve ever seen The Todd Glass Show at LA Podcast Festival or elsewhere, you might get an idea of the delightful craziness that Todd potentially has in store for us.