Tip of the Hat 2/5: Ryan Stout

The Comedy Bureau “Tips Its Hat” this week to RYAN STOUT:
“@stoutryan Doctors used to believe that leeches could suck the sickness out of you. I wonder how many kids got bled dry because they were retarded.”
In the comedy world, there are those that are acutely clever, there are those that are just spirited hilarious performers, and there are those that delve into taboo topics as an exploratory challenge.  Ryan Stout is clearly a delightful intersection of all three deceivingly packed within his pristine suit and clean cut appearance.
As it mentions in his bio, Stout will talk about filthy subjects, but will keep cursing out of his act, which is really quite a feat as he makes the experience of his act a marvelous comedic way the whole way through.  Whether it be euphemisms for gay sex or dealing with terminally ill children, Ryan has such an unflappable and enjoyable presence on stage, it is no mystery why has a plethora of gigs on MTV, is a regular guest on Chelsea Lately, and was recently voted into the top 10 of Comedy Central’s Stand Up Showdown.
I’ve seen Stout do great in a hipster bar, french restaurant, a traditional club, and even at an open mic full of comics, which is why he gets to tour constantly throughout the U.S. and the world.  
This Monday Feb. 7th, you can see him as a panelist on Chelsea Lately on E! at 11PM and then at the Hollywood Improv Main Room at 8PM on Tuesday, Feb. 8th.  If you don’t follow on him Twitter, well…. that’s you’re own fault as he is, in my opinion, one of Twitter’s best. (@stoutryan).  Also, don’t forget to check out www.ryanstout.com.