Tip of the Hat 1/21: Joe Wagner

The Comedy Bureau “Tips Its Hat” this week to JOE WAGNER:

“@joeywags Twitter is like sending messages in a bottle. In a public pool.”

If you’ve ingratiated yourself into the Los Angeles comedy scene to any degree, chances are that you’ve seen Joe Wagner much like he’s depicted above, passing through, seemingly coming and going everywhere.  This phenomenon has much to do with the fact that Joe has made himself an integral part of LA comedy through writing, producing, directing and performing sketch and stand-up for almost 20 years (working with the likes of Comedy Central, MTV, Spike, and E!).

Thus, you can catch Joe in Zach Galifianakis’ “Live at the Purple Onion” as well as spouting brilliance from off the top of his head (upon which there is a torn red ladies’ sun hat) on the second floor of strip mall in a theatre that can seat about 30 people maximum on a late Tuesday night.  Both experiences are equally worthy of your attention as Joe is both incredibly aware and committed to such a degree that has kept me in awe-struck surprise whilst laughing at every turn.

Even when he is making fun of my little sister, which I asked him not to do, I laughed until it hurt.

Currently, Joe Wagner directs the fantastic monthly sketch show at the UCB LA Theatre “The Midnight Show” as well as the brilliant sketch group, The Birds of Prey (2010 Punchlist Best Sketch Group), and performs stand up when he feels like gracing us with his comedic prowess.  If you’re not following him on Twitter (@joeywags) or Facebook, fix that as soon as you reach the end of this sentence.