Pick of the Day: Tinder Live! with Lane Moore 12/19

Earlier this year, we naively hoped this pandemic would be well over by now. At that time, we were looking forward to a potential, in-person Tinder Live! with Lane Moore to lift our spirits for a 2020 that was already godawful before it got way worst.

Lane Moore‘s live show, where she boldly swipes and messages all sorts of folks on Tinder in front of a crowd, is a rollicking, raucous, yet very sweet time. She had been touring it all over the place in years past and was set to do the same this year, but everything got cancelled/postponed/etc. because of COVID-19.

Going into December with so much of the U.S. put on reinforced pandemic safety protocols, Moore is aiming to do a virtual Tinder Live! on Sat. Dec. 19th at 6PM PT/9PM ET via On Location Live. If she wanted, Lane could even open up her search distance much further since the whole world can tune into this live-stream and we’re all in lockdown anyway (minus New Zealand and Taiwan).

Tickets for this virtual edition of Tinder Live! with Lane Moore are $12 and you very much should go get them here right now.