Three Busy Debras Are Trying to Crowdfund a Show at Carnegie Hall

Only a handful of the biggest comedians have ever played the legendary Carnegie Hall including Bob Hope, Louis C.K., Kathy Griffin, Jerry Seinfeld, Phyllis Diller, and Steve Martin. For many, it was a lifelong goal to play there and signified a rarefied status in comedy.

Little did all of these people know that they could just rent it out for a bunch of money. 

Comedy trio Three Busy Debras (you might remember them from their otherworldly Brunch video) uncovered this secret and plans on trying to put on their own free comedy show at a recital space in the very same Carnegie Hall through a Kickstarter campaign.

So, Sandy Honig, Mitra Jouhari, and Alyssa Stonoha are looking to raise $7500 and already have $4929 of that raised. If you donate, you could get anything from personalized poetry to requested cover songs to a .zip file of papers they wrote in college.

They have until May 19th to raise the money that will cover the base level cost of putting on a show there.

Get in on their mischief and donate here.