One of the more renowned and stacked teams in improv comedy is Theme Park with Ian Brennan (co-creator of “Glee”), John Michael Higgins (“Pitch Perfect”), Jessica Makinson (“South Park”), Oscar Nunez (“The Office”), Vanessa Ragland (“Pop My Culture” Podcast), Cole Stratton (“Pop My Culture” Podcast), Janet Varney (“The Legend of Korra”).

Only so every often does the team assemble for a show, which means you shouldn’t miss out when that happens. Their latest show just happens to be next week, Wednesday, April 4th at 8PM at Dynasty Typewriter at Hayworth TheaterAlison Rosen (“Alison Rosen Is Your New Best Friend” Podcast) will be joining them as a guest monologist too.

Tickets are $15 and you can (and really should) get them here.

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