“The Skeleton Twins” Expands to 50 Theaters Today and You Should Go See It

The Skeleton Twins has played in LA and NYC for the week to a great critical and commercial reception and there’s definitely a reason, if not several, for why that’s happening.

The top billing from Bill Hader and Kristen Wiig doesn’t disappoint as they show how fun both of them hanging out during SNL rehearsals can be, but also they throughly go to dark places and make us want to follow them all the way there and back. Luke Wilson is also played beautifully as a stark contrast to their misanthropic, self-destructive duo. Co-writer-director Craig Johnson manages to take something that, on paper, could be just intensely dark and heavy, and presents with a deft, caring hand.

Constantly switching gears between the hysterical and the cathartic, it’s definitely worth checking out, especially since it expanded to 50 theaters this weekend.