Please Watch This Docu-Short (and Excerpt from an Upcoming Doc on Comedy and 9/11) “The Onion Issue” About How The Onion Dealt with Making Their First Issue Right After 9/11

This week, legendary satirical publication The Onion marked their 30th year as one of the premier institutions of satire in our culture today. When it comes to topical humor, their ingenious headlines and articles have blazed a trail having them be a household name (even though it wasn’t too long ago that people were still mistaking Onion headlines as real news).

There are so many ways you can metaphorically (or literally) raise a glass to this achievement, but we would urge you to watch this short film The Onion Issue about how they handled making jokes right after 9/11 to celebrate this anniversary.

Take note that this short is, as mentioned above, part of a feature length documentary called Too Soon: The Comedy of 9/11 coming out in 2021 from Nick Scown and Julie Seabaugh. From the looks of it, that documentary will be probably end up being required viewing for any and all in and around comedy.