The History Channel to Launch Collection of Short Form Series Including One from Dan Harmon

(via The Hollywood Reporter)

Looks like that Adult Swim model is more popular than ever.

Looking to expand into more comedy-centric or comedy-adjacent programming, The History channel is adding more programming on top of Join or Die with Craig Ferguson

Night Class will be a late night block, not unlike Adult Swim on Cartoon Network. The block will include Great Minds with Dan Harmon (Dan travels in a time machine to visit history’s greatest minds as played by Jack Black, Aubrey Plaza, Paul F. Tompkins, Thomas Middleditch, Sarah Silverman, and more), Crossroads of History (Elizabeth Shapiro highlights some of the more unbelievable, less talked about moments in history featuring Jack McBrayer, Wayne Knight, Lloyd Ahlquist, and more), and How to Lose the Presidency (a panel revisits how certain candidates committed campaign suicide).

We’ll all actually get to see how Night Class feels next week when it premieres Feb. 25th at 11:30PM.