The First 100 Days

In the waning hours of the 100th day, I type here alone at home watching an episode of Louie for the I-really-don’t-want-to-know-TH time mostly because it doesn’t feel like the 100th day at the offices of the Comedy Bureau.  

If anything, today feels like any other day here at the Comedy Bureau rushing to get the Morning Debriefing out, constantly checking the Tumblr, Facebook, and Twitter feeds and eschewing acceptable human contact, and partially sacrificing my own personal road in writing and performing comedy in order to continue writing ABOUT comedy.  Like the Mission Statement claims, I’m dedicated to bring the best in LA Comedy to those good folks in LA, comic and non-comic alike as there are so many people that don’t know about this veritable “ground floor” of what I believe is the next generation in comedy.  This is why I’m here a few minutes past 11PM, alone, maintaining my position that online dating is a complete waste of my time (not that I have any “time” anymore) because I believe that my sister is wrong when she tells me, “I don’t like comedy.”

I believe that you just haven’t found the right kind.  I believe that you just think that “comedy”, whether it be stand-up, sketch, improv, etc. is only supposed to be one way and after 100 days of writing about the antithesis of this notion, I believe that people can find what they can like in comedy and they’ll be able to find here, at the Comedy Bureau.

So, there will be a celebration of sorts in the days to come, but, let it be known, that only in just a little over 3 months, The Comedy Bureau actually feels like a Bureau and for that, readers, I thank you.

With that, I’ll see all of you soon, hopefully with more than 70% consciousness due to mental exhaustion.


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