Chris Gethard Wants to Really Go All Out at Fusion and Says That “The Chris Gethard Show” Will Probably Debut in May

In his latest communiqué, Chris Gethard has said that we will all have to look to May for the cable network TV premiere of The Chris Gethard Show.

On top of that, he has some ideas of what he wants to do with having a budget and the backing of a network behind them.

Chris made a list that includes these things and way more we hope all happens within the ten episodes that they have ordered:

– I want to have the entire audience serve as my personal trainer.
– I want our audience to raise an animal together.
– Currently having an object buried somewhere in North America. It is a very valuable object. The show – both the televised version and all of our online output (including this) have a series of clues that can lead you to the object. Whoever gets the object will realize that it is not just monetarily valuable, but will give them a role in our show they’ve never dreamed of. I will never mention this again.
– I’m currently doing a lot of research and surveillance on a lonely teen who lives in either Pennsylvania, Ohio, or Indiana. I list all three so you and s/he won’t know it’s them. I am learning everything about him/her and plan on giving them a triumphant moment during the ten-week run of our show. They will have no idea it is happening until it is happening.
– There are a lot of terrestrial radio frequencies in remote parts of America that do not broadcast. On one of them there is currently a looped ten minute message being sent out via pirating devices. The ten minute message gives you explicit instructions on ways you can win a trip to New York City to attend our show live. It is on you to find the location and frequency of the broadcast. I can tell you that it is within a three hour drive of a city with a population of over 150,000.

If Chris pulls all of this off, this would be literal groundbreaking television.