Please Watch and Enjoy Teresa Lee Explaining How Tenet Makes Sense to Her

If you’re one of the folks that chanced seeing, Tenet, one of the only major studio releases of the year at a drive-in (or an actual theater if there was limited capacity and enough social distancing and COVID-19 cases were low enough), you might have left the theater pondering what you just saw. Of Christopher Nolan’s filmography, Tenet does leave the most to be explained (that includes Interstellar by the way). Repeat watches of the movie might be hard because of lack of access or merely because you don’t want to budget three more hours to figure out the circuitous interpretation of time travel that Nolan created exclusively for Tenet.

Even after several months of it being out there (and even now being on streaming platforms), people still find Tenet hard to follow/grasp/understand.

Thus, this explanation of how the universe of Tenet makes sense by Teresa Lee is pretty damn fun. Lee hilariously insists that its version of time travel is how she makes sense of theoretical time travel and her journey in trying to communicate that is much more straight forward than Tenet itself and, as such, much more enjoyable.