Watch Daniel Sloss and Beth Stelling Dissect Their Conan Sets on “The Set Up”

Stand-up comedy, as you might now from following/reading us, is quite the particular art form. Within that form, a comedian’s set on a late night talk show is an even more particular part of the art form that is so painstakingly crafted as it’s often a comedian’s intro to the world and it has to accomplish showing who one is as a comedian in a very small amount of time.

Yet, many a great comedian pulls such a feat off.

To further show how detailed the process is with a late night set, Conan has started a series The Set Up where longtime, beloved booker JP Buck chats with some of his favorite comedians and his favorite performances of his on Conan. There are already two episodes featuring the brilliance of Daniel Sloss and Beth Stelling that you ought to give a watch to here and here respectively.