TCB Debriefing 9/8/23: Typist Artist Pirate King, Tiffany Haddish’s Pay for Movie Debut, Hasan Minhaj Tour, Julie Seabaugh

1. While the Brits were the originators of “kitchen sink realism”, perhaps their M.O. now is more accurately described as “bathroom sink irony”, a more deeply personal, yet acutely satirical view on British life that’s either wryly bittersweet or woebegone hilarious. The latest entry to join this wave might be Carol Morley’s Typist Artist Pirate King, a dramedy following the latter days of celebrated real life artist Audrey Amiss and a journey she took with her psychiatric nurse. Kelly MacDonald and Monica Dolan star here in the newest UK comedy export to make you feel all the feels. Take a gander at the UK trailer here for its UK rollout (and maybe VOD?) to start on Oct. 27th.

2. Before launching in to undeniable stardom in Girls Trip, Tiffany Haddish didn’t get paid a cent for the first movie she starred in as it was a non-union role leaving her nothing more than a handful of DVD copies of the movie from the producers for her to sell (Variety). Just a friendly reminder about the importance of staying #unionstrong.

3. These are the dates and cities for Hasan Minhaj’s Off With His Head tour. Get tickets here quick as they’re already going very, very fast.

4. Our good friend Julie Seabaugh, who just happens to be, for our money, one of comedy journalism’s most preeminent voices, just published a book of her best interview and pieces, many of which are in their unedited, full form (i.e. everything that should have been fit to print). Wonderfully titled A Tight 20: Two Decades of Comedy Journalism, it is a must read/have for comedy fans of all kinds.

5. We remember a showrunner once telling us that it’s “show business, not show art”, though it’s clear now, more than ever, that the show business can’t really run without the show art.