TCB Debriefing 9/22/23: Kyle Kinane, Bumper in Berlin, Mean Girls, Kidnapping of a President, Toxic Avenger

1. The great Kyle Kinane has just lined up his fall and winter dates. Go buy tickets immediately at and think of going to see his truly beautiful comedy as an early holiday present for yourself or someone else.

2. The latest casualty of the strike is Bumper in Berlin, which has now been canceled at Peacock (Deadline). That’s after it already got an order for a second season, which means that your show isn’t safe until all episodes of your show have been written, shot, edited, and most importantly, aired.

3. The movie version of the musical adaptation of the 2004 comedy classic Mean Girls has gotten an upgraded release as it’ll now play in theaters near you as opposed to just Paramount+ (THR). Will Lindsay Lohan be part of the inevitable 20 year retrospective of the movie that will be made just to promote Gen-Z’s(?) Mean Girls.

4. There is a Finnish dramedy in the works about the very real kidnapping of a former Finnish president aptly titled The Kidnapping of a President (Variety). If it’s a hit and there’s an interest in a U.S. adaptation, interested parties could just do a mini-series about the idiots that tried to kidnap Gov. Gretchen Whitmer.

6. Heads up to all the midnight movie buffs out there, a remake of Troma shlock classic, The Toxic Avenger has been remade with Peter Dinklage and Elijah Wood (Indiewire). If remaking Troma movies becomes a thing, now would be a pretty great time to take a stab at rebooting Surf Nazis Must Die.

7. We’ll you leave you with this: big theaters need to do better with bike storage/parking (i.e. don’t force folks to either risk their bike getting stolen on the street or having to pay $10 to lock it up safely in a parking garage, which is completely a thing we did when going to see Please Don’t Destroy).