TCB Debriefing 10/19/23: The Problem with Jon Stewart, Jon Stewart, Dilli Dark, Chris Rock/Kevin Hart, The Egyptian, Tix Winners, Beth Stelling

1. We’re losing Jon Stewart yet again. The Problem with Jon Stewart has just been cancelled before going into its third season with the industry’s most passive aggressive excuse of “creative differences” being cited (NY Times). More specifically, disagreements over covering topics such as AI and China lead to said differences and that should be a good indicator as to where Apple, a company so rich that it’s effectively its own sovereign nation.

2. Take a gander at the very clever Dina Hashem and her latest special, Dark Little Whispers, which will be the latest stand-up comedy offering from Amazon. Due out Fri Nov. 10th.

3. The Dibakar Das Roy and the title Dilli Dark might not mean much to you now, but that will all change when you see what the black immigrant experience is like in a dramedy set in India (spoiler alert: not to dissimilar to the one in the US). Hopefully, this will find its way to U.S. theaters soon.


4. Leslie Liao is, in our minds, an undeniable rising star and now is the time to go catch her ascent and brag to everyone that you knew her before whatever star turn is going to come her way. Good thing she’s on a global tour. Get tix at

5. Chris Rock and Kevin Hart are two of the biggest names in all of comedy and are synonymous with the art form with two different generations (including plenty of overlap). So, why not play MSG for four shows? That’s exactly what happened and Headliners Only is the behind the scenes documentary that captured what that entire week was like. Take a gander at it here, then look for it on Netflix on Tues. Dec. 12th.


6. The Egyptian had a small run when Netflix initially took over the celebrated revival/arthouse movie palace smack dab in the heart of Hollywood a couple of years ago, but it has laid dormant for quite some. Come Nov. 9th, it will officially reopen, which counts as one more theater that Los Angeles didn’t lose during the pandemic (Indiewire). Fingers crossed for a 2024 Arclight Hollywood reopening.

7. Congrats to Darren Roth and Kenneth Rudnicki for winning our ticket giveaways for Ramy Youssef and Daniel Sloss this weekend. FYI, you just have to pay attention to the debriefing here for future giveaways.

8. We’ll leave you with this: If any network/streaming service is aiming to shake up late night/take a chance on a talk show, please go with Beth Stelling (if that something she wants to do). It’s criminal that she isn’t on TV most nights of the week.