TBS Orders Pilot From Finals Girls’ Todd Strauss-Schulson and Matt Fogel

(via Deadline)

Here’s yet another step in a good direction for TBS.

In case you haven’t taken note, TBS is giving themselves an overhaul. Already, they have a talk show from Samantha Bee and a sitcom from Jason Jones coming up. Now, they’ve just ordered a comedy pilot from the minds of Todd Strauss-Schulson, the mastermind behind the wonderful meta 80s slasher comedy The Final Girls, and Matt Fogel, who composed music on Funny or Die’s The Wire: The Musical.

It’ll follow two friends who are part of a generation of men that are embracing all their emotions. While that’s not much to try to imagine what the pilot might exactly entail, we’re pretty sure Strauss-Schulson and Fogel have something clever up their sleeve given their past work.

All in all, we’re really intrigued to see how good this new TBS could be.