Superego Once Recorded a Nearly 40 Min. Sketch That They Are Holding a Contest To See What Someone Can Do With It

Superego is one of the funniest podcasts around as they really let loose in all their sketches. In fact, just over two years ago, the did a sketch entitled “Stetch Maldonay: Scissor Shapener” that clocked in, raw and unedited, at 38:41. 

A quick Google search and check of Record Setter will leave you unsure of exactly if there’s a longer sketch on record in existence (there is a Shortest Comedy Sketch), so we’re going to say, for now, that’s the world’s longest single comedy sketch. 

Currently it’s in three separate tracks here, here, and here

Knowing all of this, the guys over at Superego have been racking their brains for years in trying to see what they can do to make Stetch Maldonay more manageable and into something that would put on a episode of the podcast that features numerous sketches of more standard length. 

Now, they’re giving all of us a chance to take this beast on.

If you have the audio know how and have a good sense of comedic structure and timing, you might want to give this a shot. They’re taking submissions until May 1st and might feature it on the actual show. Get all the details here.