If you follow us, you ought to know that The Super Serious Show is something that you should always be in attendance for as they always have a magnificent line-up featuring all sorts of comedy, both of stage and screen.

This edition for Oct. 2019 is no different as you can see above. In fact, this month, you’ll get to see, in addition to the fantastic comedic stylings of Byron Bowers, Lizzy Cooperman, James Fritz, Eddie Pepitone, Taylor Tomlinson, and host/headliner Asif Ali, My Favorite Murder’s Karen Kilgariff return to the stage and short films from the TBS-made-a-huge-mistake-by-shelving-their-brilliant-series sketch group The Dress Up Gang.

That should be more incentive than usual, which is a lot, to show up for this Super Serious Show.

You can tickets now for $7 (they’ll be $10 cash at door). Please do so here.