Sundance Animated Shorts Touring Throughout Select Theaters This Fall

(via Hollywood Reporter)

When it comes to awards for film, short films almost get overlooked despite having their own category in several major film festivals and awards ceremonies. No matter how acclaimed a short film is, it will likely never get to see the light of a movie projector onto a screen in your local theater. 

Sundance is changing that by touring short films across the country and now plans, for this fall, to tour a curated selection of animated short films from coast to coast here in the U.S. Also, it almost goes without saying that animated shorts is one of a handful of categories where comedy gets a little recognition amidst primarily heavy dramatic fare. 

So, hopefully, this becomes a trend and keeps going and some great animated comedic shorts (as well as live action ones) that would usually find a home online will make it to a theater screen near you.