For us, Straw Men has time and again proven that some of the best* debates are ones where the debates are pushed to be as childish as possible. 

They’re back once again for another round of beautifully petty-as-can-be presentations at UCB Sunset on Fri. Nov. 29th at 9PM at UCB Sunset

Forget about Black Friday and spend your $12 going to one hell of a live comedy show featuring the intentionally ludicrous arguments of Dave Ross, Will Miles, Debra DiGiovanni, Nick Ciarelli, Brad Evans, Chris Charpentier, and Sarah Sherman as well as hosts/and very judgy debate judges Lindsay Adams, Danny Palumbo, and Sam Wiles.

*by “best”, we mean best in a comedy context where no real change is going to be enacted or threat of social change is imminent

Go get tickets here.