Stephen Colbert Proves He’s a Worthy Successor to David Letterman in His Interview with Bill Maher

David Letterman always distinguished himself with his era of The Late Show  from the rest of the late night talk show landscape by interviews being allowed to get testy if the conversation found its way there. Dave wouldn’t back down and usually have the upper hand with anyone who sat across his desk. 

Now, with Stephen Colbert at the helm of The Late Show, Stephen not only invites a dance in his conversation that can switch between sharp quips to pure sincerity on a dime, but invites intellectual and/or challenging guests on a more regular basis than almost anyone else on a late night right now. Stephen seems to pull off tight rope walking in his interviews quite well by making the conversation engaging, playfully jabbing them, and seemingly not even breaking a sweat if things get heated. 

Not that any of you really doubted Stephen Colbert would be a great heir to The Late Show legacy, but you can now see it for yourself.

Watch Colbert put all of this on display as he chats with Bill Maher about Trump and being Catholic all while keeping the laughs coming.