Starburns Launches a “Tape of the Month Club” for Their Publishing Arm SBI Press


Starburns is up to a lot of things these days.

On top of everything they do as a production company, they just inherited the podcast line-up from Feral Audio and launched SBI Audio. They also have a publishing arm SBI Press that’s offering up a “Tape of the Month Club” for those willing to contribute and potentially be “founding member”.

Literally, you’ll be getting cassette tapes in the mail (and a cassette player if you pledge enough) featuring the likes of:

Dan Harmon, Roy Lynch, Natalie Palamides, Dino Stamatopoulos, Johnny Pemberton, Future Ladies of Wrestling, Alan Resnick & Dina Kelberman, Dynasty Handbag, Magic for the Blind, Jeff B. Davis, Rob Schrab, ASMR Live!, Lance Bangs, DJ Douggpound, Kron, Open Mike Eagle, Erin Hayes, Sorry About Everything, Rob Tanchum

(There’ll be a way to get the tracks from the tapes digitally too).

If that sounds like it’s right up your alley, get in on SBI Press and Starburns Industries Tape of the Month Club here. FYI, there’s only 5 days left, as of this post, to be a founding member.