Connor Ratliff & Mikey Erg Made a Great Album to Accompany Holiday Season, Especially If You Don’t Like Getting Religious About It


Connor Ratliff, who you’ve probably seen on The Chris Gethard Show or the great web series I’m Too Fragile For This, teamed up with another TCGS alum, Mikey Erg to make a collection of holiday music that isn’t worn down by religious traditions that come around this time of year, but is still very festive.

So, that project turned into a whole album, well a sort of a novella of an album as there are 8 songs spanning 12 minutes. 

Still, The Spirit of Ratliff is pretty great and really hits a sweet spot of endearing and funny without going overboard like so much holiday music does. “No One Wants a Pizza on Christmas Day” is a perfect example of how Ratliff and Erg pull that off.

You can get Spirit of Ratliff off of Bandcamp for $7 and you should know that it’s actually a soundtrack to what will be an upcoming Xmas special with Connor.

Get a taste of that with the music video for XMAS is the BEST.