After knocking out two shows in August, the pretty-much-anything-goes-100-second-variety-show-hosted-by-time-travelers, Speedface, is finally back!

Stay up and out this Sunday night, October 7th at 10:30PM, to see the likes of the following folks doing 100 seconds of whatever they want:
Megan Koester (VICE)
Simon Gibson (Riot LA)
Hannah Einbinder (UCB, Golf Media’s Golf News)
Isaac Kessler (Canadian Comedy Awards) & Ken Hall (Second City Toronto)
Erin Nicole Bounds (Gunslinger, Detention)
Dominique Johnson (Rude Mondays Spotlight Performer)
Katie Dahlson, Mike Abbate & Vincent Lacey (New Pack Sketch Team)
Matt Harbert (Royale)
Jessica Greer (Criminal Minds)
David Ayala (New Pack Sketch Team)
Shalimar Malimban (Second City Hollywood, New Pack Sketch Team)
Miles Roberts (SQUiSH, Bananas)
Kaeli Quick (Second City Hollywood)
Gerard Dean Peters (SQUiSH, Bananas)
Ethan Stanislawski (Nightchurch)
and more!

and hosts Dr. Time**** (Nick Gligor) & SPEEDFACE (John Paliferro)

As with all Pack Theater shows, admission is pay what you can! Get more details here.