Sony Hackers Demand “The Interview” Be Pulled

(via The Wrap)

The hacker group currently known as The Guardians of Peace behind the mass hacking of Sony have reportedly demanded, in a note, that The Interview, a movie following the assassination of North Korea’s Supreme Leader Kim Jong-Un be pulled from being screened at all. 

So far, it seems all of Sony, especially the top brass, is being doxxed in addition to Sony’s current theatrical releases being leaked. North Korea was suspected to have a connection with these hackers given how they’ve called The Interview “an act of terrorism” in past months, but they have denied any involvement.

Currently, The Interview is still scheduled for its Christmas release date.

A few things we’re wondering: 

1) Have The Guardians of Peace or anyone in the North Korean government actually seen The Interview yet?
2) If they have, is it any good?
3) Would the U.S. Government or U.S. based hackers react to remotely the same degree if a foreign nation made a movie about assassinating our President?
4) Do they realize this is a comedy from Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg who promised that they were not going to put too many dick jokes in their TV adaptation of Preacher for AMC and ruin it?
5) Could they have picked a worst time for the U.S. public to care about this whole ordeal with Ferguson, Eric Garner, Cosby, etc. happening right now? 
6) While this hack is indeed damaging to Sony, The Interview will probably pull in a way bigger opening weekend now given all of this controversy.