Justin Roiland’s Latest Series “Solar Opposites” Gets a Teaser

While you’re waiting for new episodes of Rick & Morty, well, actually, while you’re waiting for a lot of stuff to get back to the way they were, it’s nice to know that Rick & Morty co-creator Justin Roiland has a new animated series on the way, Solar Opposites, coming to Hulu.

In fact, Solar Opposites doesn’t seem to be all that far off from Rick & Morty (maybe living in one of the other universes within the Rick & Morty-verse). It follows an alien family trying they best they can to acclimatize to earth, but, of course, dealing with all the sorts of chaos Roiland has founded his entire career on. Intergalactic warfare, zombie outbreaks, a plethora of jauntily named fictional creatures, and plenty of family squabbling are all part of this new show.

See all of that and enjoy the teaser here, then look for the series premiere of Solar Opposites on Hulu, starting May 8th (even though we’ll probably be let out of our houses at that point).