Count the New “Soft Focus with Jena Friedman” as The First Great Comedy Special of 2019


Jena Friedman already dazzled us with the daring, nail-bitingly hilarious first Soft Focus special at Adult Swim that, amongst many wonderful things it pulled off, found a way to make the man nicknamed the Cannibal Cop uncomfortable.

This next Soft Focus special ups the ante and expertly and satirically covers sexual harassment in gaming and interviews one of the more controversial figures of our time, former security software entrepreneur John McAfee about his new 2020 presidential campaign (Note: he did have a failed 2016 presidential bid).

We don’t want to give anything away really as Friedman’s uber-clever style of twisting-the-comedic-knife in these situations deserves a full surprise. We will say that Jena has quite the knack for subtly letting her subjects not only have enough rope to hang themselves, but make sure that the knot that they hang themselves is just right and so damn funny the whole way though. Honestly, we enjoyed this more than Who Is America

We sincerely hope leads to a full-fledged series or feature length project or just something that allows Jena to make more things like this as she has for so many years. 

So, this new Soft Focus with Jena Friedman premieres tonight at midnight on Adult Swim and you should absolutely make plans to watch it.