James Adomian, live from the Dresden Room in Hollywood, California! Only here, on The Shakeytown Radio Hour!(photo by Robyn Von Swank)

James talks to Gene and Brodie about his stand-up, sketch, acting, and writing career and his impersonations of Jesse Ventura, Alex Jones, Brody Stevens, Paul F. Tompkins, Eddie Pepitone, and many more. The conversation also turns to “Saturday Night Live” and their monopoly on network television sketch comedy, archaic recording formats, the hotness of Mario Van Peebles, tense phone calls from Huell Howser, and the impending apocalypse and takeover of Earth by octopus people.

Also featuring… the music of Marty and Elayne!

(photo by Stephanie Cloutier)

James Adomian is literally everywhere…. like he should be.